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- Our Culture Is Our Strength -
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Our mission at Flight House Gym is to elevate the health, well-being and confidence of anyone who passes through our doors. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and lead, always, with our foundational core values: Humility, Ownership, Unity, Service and Equality, in order to fulfill our commitment to creating a stronger community. Our gym is a place for people to come together in an inclusive and positive environment in order to help one another be a little better every day. A place where hard work, sweat and grit aren’t just welcomed, but encouraged.

Jack, Nancy & Jay


Flight House Gym was founded by Jay, Nancy, and Jack Collins. Truly a family business from the start. They opened MaxEdge Fitness Training in Hampton NH in the fall of 2011 where they led innovative group workouts for people of every fitness level and ability, with class sizes ranging from a handful to over 120 people at once. It was at MaxEdge where they honed their craft of formulating a fun and unique fitness experience that undeniably improved the health, strength and conditioning of their members. After over a decade, thousands of group workouts and watching their community grow, they decided to take their product to a larger setting in which all the worlds of fitness and health can collide. Hence, Flight House was born! A gym for EVERY fitness enthusiast. A gym with tried and tested group fitness classes lead by experienced professionals in a fun environment but also a gym to use at one’s own desire, with all the state-of-the-art commercial equipment that would be suitable for any fitness goal.