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Nutrition Coaching

Welcome to Flight House Nutrition Coaching – a program all about helping you learn how to eat and live in a way that aligns with your values, goals and identity!

Unlike other approaches which may have you restrict, deprive or emphasize “less” – I’ll teach you how to look at food differently, listen to your body, create awareness around your choices and build a relationship with food that puts you in control of your health.

We’ll focus on changing one thing at a time – strategically breaking your big goals down into skills you can practice, along with doable daily actions that work for you – in your life today.

With consistency, these skills will become habits that result in incredible life- changing results – allowing you to let go of all-or-nothing thinking and focus on what you can do to move towards your definition of success.

Let’s shape your program together – one step at a time, so that you are confident, ready and able to create the changes you want for yourself.

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Tiffany Nolan, Nutrition Coach

In 2017, I became a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, working alongside some of the top industry leaders in behavior change, nutrition and recovery. It is through that experience that I have seen first hand what self belief, trust and awareness can bring on the journey towards deep health, in all areas and dimensions of your life.

Through positivity, compassion and partnership, it is my goal to create amazing experiences that empower you to live the life that you love, because it’s time and you are worth it.

“There is no one way to pursue being healthy and strong. There is only your way and uncovering what that looks and feels like for you is the exciting part of this journey. Each step you take, no matter what direction it takes you, is a step towards discovery.”